“The Secret to Finding Your Roadmap to Authentic Success – How you can Unleash Your Full Human Potential”

Our 1st talk this year will be held on the 3rd of February 2016: “The Secret to Finding Your Roadmap to Authentic Success – How you can Unleash Your Full Human Potential” – by an Amazon Bestseller Author and Entrepreneur, Alex Chan.

The Roadmap for Authentic Success – The Project You Journey

The hope for a better world, and a richer human experience for more of humanity, lies in the personal development and growth of each individual. Project You places a focus on continuous improvement, rather than attaining short-term goals or changes in one’s life. Additionally, one of the core philosophies of Project You is that authentic satisfaction and happiness with one’s self comes from living to grow yourself and others around you.

Project You has been very well reviewed internationally and subsequently become an Amazon bestseller for Personal Development and Transformation. Project You has also been featured locally on the popular 93.8FM radio programme “A Slice of Life”.

Event Details
Date : 7:00pm, 3 Feb 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue : Manchester Business School 55 Market Street, #05-01 Singapore 048941
Event Cost : $25 (non-members), $10 (UOMAAS members)
Registration: Email at contact@uomalumni.org.sg

7:00pm – 7:30pm: Registration
7:30pm – 8:30pm: “The Secret to Finding Your Roadmap to Authentic Success - How you can Unleash Your Full Human Potential”
8:30pm – 10:00pm: Networking

Here’s what some people say about “Project You: Living A Determined Life”

“This is a great book for an introspective look at yourself – where you are today and where you want to be, or the kind of person you would like to be.” - Dianne Tetreault (USA)

“Each of us is a one-of-a-kind. This book is great guide to be that one” – Ian Berry (Australia)

“You can read it straight through as a road map, or you can pick up bits here and there for inspiration and refocusing.” - Elise Pleterski (USA)

About the Speaker - Alex Chan

Alex graduated with a Master of Science in Economics from UMIST in 1999. Alex started his career in IBM Global Services. After coming back from UMIST, he decided to venture into tech start-ups and was hooked. Besides being a serial entrepreneur,Alex Chan is also a bestselling author of a book series titled“Project You: Living A Determined Life”.

Alex’s first company achieved international recognition by being winning awards for client projects like MasterCard, Ricoh, etc. In 2004, due to his deep passion for music, he started Audio Trio, an audio hifi business which not only made many audiophiles happy, but also supplied state-of-the-art equipment to clients like St James Power Station.

Alex is currently heavily involved in his latest tech startup, Babbobox, which is fast becoming one of Asia’s leading Cloud Content Management System. Babbobox has also been featured in various tech publications and industry leading events like Cloud Asia Expo.

In response to his calling and passion for writing, Alex also co-founded Phronesis Media, a boutique publishing firm specializing in helping authors get their books into the new world of digital and print media.